Karuna Charitie requests the pleasure of your company on the occasion of its 25th Birthday. 

Date: Sunday, May 21, 2023. Time: 5:30pm. Location: Double Tree by Hilton, 620 Perry Parkway, Gaithersburg MD 20877

Ticket price: $101 per person — an auspicious amount!!

The program includes a tribute to our Chairperson late Lekha Sreenivasan – a celebration of her philanthropic work and legacy.  

The evening is replete with Music, Auction of Paintings, Raffle, Singing Talent Contest, Hearty Appetizers, Sumptuous Dinner, & Dancing ūüíÉ to the music of our own DJ Hemant! Our MC will be the Evergreen Nilima Mehra!

Sponsorship Rates: $500 and up and $1,000 and up Donations are most welcome.
For tickets, please contact:

Amrit Kalotra 571 338 3175

Jasbir Sethi (301) 254 6169

Sujata Avasthi 703 725 5336

Compliments from all Board Members and Ambassadors of Karuna Charities:

Board Members: Amrit Kalotra, Kanti Singh, Jasbir Sethi, Sujata Avasthi, Promila Banik, Bina Dhir, and Savita Malhotra.

Ambassadors: Gita Bhatia (also Webmaster), Mara Puri, Sushma Oberoi, Rohini Khera, Jyoti Gujral, Sangita Kalotra, and Priyanka Rattana.

The year 2021 is coming to a close. Karuna Charities has done its utmost to support the needy in these very critical and trying times. Karuna Charities made an all-out effort to collect funds and was very happy with the response from all of you. In 2020, we had an online Fundraiser with the inimitable Anup Jalota, an online live program from Mumbai and in 2021, we felt bold enough to do an outdoor activity and hence the golf tournament which proved to be very popular. 
We have our goals in force and we did a fabulous Fundraising Drive supported by a very responsive community and gathered funds, always keeping our goals in sight. College education is very important. The needy students needed money for books, food, housing and transportation. We were able to support our four endowed scholarship holders, Montgomery College, Nothern Virginia Community College (NVCC), the University of the District of Columbia (UDC) and The Universities at Shady Grove.
It was and is a very tough time for women and families in shelters, for not only were the shelters full and alternate arrangements had to be made by the managements in nearby hotels and even by putting tents. The vulnerable women faced many unusual challenges. Many stayed home fearful of the pandemic, scarcity of accommodation outside and thus were subjected to unusual and increased amount of abuse.¬† We worked with individual cases already in the shelters. The Loudoun Abused Women’s Shelter (LAWS) for instance did tremendous amount of work in this area and Karuna Charities was happy to set up an ongoing Karuna fund in the shelter to be dispensed according to the needs of the women. Little things like a change of locks for safety measures, transportation to reach a lawyer, etc., become so significant. Karuna Charities also sent funds to Texas to two organizations for relief work.
Karuna Charities contributed wholeheartedly to food banks, shelters in the DC metropolitan area, and also reached out to COVID affected people in India with much needed medical supplies.  Fresh food was sent to shelters in the hope of bringing some relief to deprived, stressed, and unhappy needy people.
Just as were hoping for some normalcy in these tumultuous times, Omicron has made its appearance! It is a small inconvenience to wear a mask, but it works wonders. Vaccinations have proved to be useful. 
Karuna Charities is grateful to the community for the stouthearted support and thanks all who have contributed so that we can continue serving our community. Do continue to donate in kind or in person for thus we can continue to reach our goals.

Karuna Charities’ maiden attempt in the world of Zoom concluded very happily and very successfully. We are grateful to our sponsors and supporters who made this concert possible so Karuna Charities can continue to serve during this pandemic. With hope and gratitude, on the strength of music and service, we will persevere. Thank you Anup Jalotaji, the Samrat of Bhajans and Ghazals, you entertained us in a truly melodious manner and lived up to your title.

On Sunday, November 3, Karuna Charities Fundraiser, the 21st Grand Diwali Ball was held at the Holiday Inn in Gaithersburg. The pictures show some highlights of the event.

Karuna Charities received an invitation from the University of the District of Columbia (UDC) to attend its 160th Anniversary Kickoff Gala on Saturday, January 29th at the Andrew W. Mellow Auditorium in Washington D.C.  Mrs. Jasbir Sethi, Vice-President and Treasurer of Karuna Charities, accompanied by Dr. Baljeet Sethi, represented Karuna Charities at the event.  During the course of the evening, members of the university community mingled with the District leaders in government, law, business and philanthropy. Speakers included President Sessoms, Board Chair Askew and Mayor Vincent Gray. Felicia H. Brant, Executive Director, Executive Director, Institutional Advancement, University System of the District of Columbia wrote asking Karuna to be a donor/sponsor for the event: ‚ÄúAs discussed, the 160 Gala event was wonderful and it was a pleasure to have Karuna Charities represented‚Ķ The Brick Campaign (Karuna will be recognized by having one brick engraved with its name at the University‚Äôs Founders‚Äô Common within the Van Ness Plaza) is expected to kickoff in the Spring and we will contact you regarding the brick reserved for Karuna Charities.  As we are celebrating 160 years of achievement and scholarships, proceeds are for student scholarships.  We have so much to be thankful for and we are very honored to have Karuna Charities as a sponsor and partner in the important work that we both share‚ÄĚ.On April 8, 2011, The University of the District of Columbia (UDC) organized a President‚Äôs Reception as part of their 160th Anniversary celebrations to thank donors for their contribution and support.  The function was held at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, D.C.