Serving Food at Reston Homeless Shelter, April 16, 2024

Karuna ladies served delectable food at the Reston Homeless Shelter on April 16, 2024 to 130+ people.  Karuna Charities has been serving a delicious menu for many years now. It so happened that three members who are April born were together so they also had a little celebration outside the shelter.

The food service at the shelter was very popular!!  And for all Karuna members it was a most satisfying and rewarding experience. 

Karuna would like to thank Bombay Tandoor (Iftikar Khan), Kamlesh Gulati, Neeta Bagalkotkar, Sneh Sabharwal, Mona Khanna, Benu Abrol, Kiran Masson, Santosh Thakral, Shashi Anand, Sujata Avasthi, Sangita Kalotra and Amrit Kalotra for the tasty dishes!!