Newsletter 2019

FORGET AND FORGIVE “2get” and “2give” create many problems. So, just double it…“4get” and “4give” solves many problems! 


The focus of the Karuna Charities Washington chapter is on giving a helping hand to needy and disadvantaged women in four ways:

Providing services and support for women and their families, e.g. help with rent, lawyers’ fees, providing training to become leading to employment and thus leading them towards independent living, and much more.

Educational Scholarships. Karuna has established four educational endowments in the Washington area:

  • Northern Virginia Community College (NVCC)
  • University of District of Columbia (UDC)
  • Montgomery College (Maryland)
  • Universities of Shady Grove (Maryland)

Community Service in metro Washington, e.g. making and serving meals, supplies for AIDS patients at Mother Teresa’s home, turkey meals for DC shelter, school supplies for disadvantaged children, and more.

 In addition, help is provided in crisis situations around the world, e.g.:

  • Firefighters, Widows, and Children’s Fund after 9/11
  • Haiti Earthquake
  • Hurricane Katrina
  • Indian Ocean Tsunami
  • Gujarat Flood
  • Nepal Earthquake
  • Philippines Relief
  • Odhisa Cyclone
Inspiring Karunites: In 2018, Awesome Blossom, Jyoti Gujral’s fundraiser for cancer awareness and Karuna Charities, was a huge success. Jyoti raised over $800 for Karuna Charities through the sale of potted plants at her home. Karuna Charities Youth Group InitiativeIn August 2018, Karuna’s Youth Group Members (Kunal Bhandari, Rahil Gujral, Tanvi Avasthi, Meghan Ahluwalia, Armaan Ahluwalia, Alisha Bajaj, and Sahiba Kalotra) raised a total of $1,393.00 and were able to purchase 80 brand-new backpacks and deliver them to Cornerstone Shelter (Reston, VA) for their 2018-2019 Back-to-School Drive.  Karuna Charities commends the hard work and efforts of the members and congratulates them on their first successful initiative. Santosh Thakral’s 50th Wedding Anniversary invitation went out with a request that in lieu of gifts to the couple, donations to Karuna Charities would be appreciated. This kind gesture resulted in raising $2,101 for our charity.  
Karuna Charities Grand Diwali Gala in November 2018 Marking Karuna Charities 20th Anniversary in Washington on November 4, 2018, we saw one of the finest Karuna Charities Diwali Galas ever with about 350 guests. Karuna is an established organization committed to helping women help themselves. Karuna provides a boost in many ways such as a month’s rent, lawyer’s fees, car repair, etc., so the women can gain a footing and step out into the world with confidence. Karuna has done an outstanding job of providing scholarships to needy students so they can make a solid future for themselves. Karuna is also involved in community service. In addition to the raffle, auction, and grand dinner, there was a much-anticipated music competition among juniors, ladies, and men that left the audience enthralled. Guests included representatives from NOVA and the Indian Embassy. George Mason University students danced to the drums in lively bhangra. This fundraiser was highly successful in meeting Karuna’s goals. 

Karuna Charities presented a check of $10,000 to Montgomery College towards Karuna Endowed Scholarship. The check was presented to Mr. Stuart Tart, Corporate and Foundation Relations Director, Office of Advancement and Community Engagement and to Mrs. Sharon Fechter, Dean of Humanities, Montgomery College. 
THE ART OF GIVING[Rivers do not drink their own water, nor do trees eat their own fruit,Nor do rain clouds eat the grains reared by them.The wealth of the noble is used solely for the benefit of others!]What to give? It is not only money that can be given away. It could be a flower, time, or even a smile. It is not how one gives that really matters. When you give a smile to a stranger, that may be the only good thing received by him in days and weeks!You can give anything but you must give it with all your heart! How to give? Give with grace and with a feeling of gratitude. Make sure that the receiver does not feel humiliated, nor the giver feel proud of giving.In giving follow the advice:Let your left hand not know what your right hand gives.Give quietly! Charity without publicity and fanfare is the highest form of charity.Just remember that, after all, what we give never really belonged to us. We came into this world with nothing and we will go with nothing. The thing gifted was only with us for a temporary period. Why then take pride in giving away something which really did not belong to us? What should one feel after giving? The golden rule is:Neki kar aur kuen me daal![Do the good deed and throw it in the well.]Meaning, serve the needy respectfully and forget it. Also, remember: Give and never regret giving! 
Karuna accepts contributions throughout the year. You can mail your tax-deductible contributions to
Karuna Charities Washington, Inc.
P.O. Box 60241
Potomac, MD 20859
Karuna Charities is a [501 ( c ) (3)] Charitable Organization.
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Karuna Charities is celebrating 20 years of service to the needy and disadvantaged thanks to each of you.

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